Members' Representative Trustee - Vacancies

Members’ Representative Trustee – Vacancy

The law requires the DC scheme to have equal representation for both Sponsor and Members in its board. The current members’ representatives in the Board are Ernest Nadome (General Secretary) and Peter Mutemi (Treasurer) who both represent  Kenya Electrical Trade and Allied Workers  Union (KETAWU) which leave the scheme with a vacancy of two members’ representative Trustees. Peter Mutemi invariably represents Geothermal Division as well.

You will as well note that the Union and  some divisions are well represented in our Retirement Scheme (DC) Board except Operations, Business Development, Supply Chain and Regulatory & Corporate Affairs. It is in the interest of the scheme and its members that all Divisions are  represented in the board.

Interested members of DC Scheme who would wish to join the Board as Trustees from these divisions (Operations, Business Development, Supply Chain and Regulatory & Corporate Affairs) are requested to completed the attached nomination form together with a fit and proper form and have the same submitted to Trust Secretary by  28th July, 2017. In order to promote diversity, the  TWO new Trustees should represent both genders. 

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Fit & Proper Test Form


Nomination Form


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