This is done on an annual basis sometime around July on rotational basis in the KenGen areas of operations.

A member can update their beneficiaries by filling a beneficiary nomination form and dropping it at the KenGen SRBS Secretariat office for further action.

If you were employed before the year 2012 then you were in the DB scheme and could have also moved to the DC Scheme after 1st January 2012 where a circular was sent by the Treasury to close the DB Schemes and only people of 45 Years and over were given a choice to remain the DB Scheme or move to the DC Scheme, the ones under 45 Years were to move to the DC Scheme. If you were employed after 1st January 2012 then you are a member of the DC scheme

Kindly access this under the following link Member's Portal on our website.

Member education seminars are held once every two years in all the areas of operations. Notice is usually given by the Scheme in advance.

You can do this by filling the Contact and Feedback Form on our website.

A member can access his benefits after resignation, termination from service or on retirement grounds.

Kindly click on the link Member Service Portal.

Kindly visit our Secretariat office to get the Scheme's bank details for transfer of funds to the scheme.

Every member contributes 10% of their basic pay and the employer contributes 20%.

Membership to the scheme is compulsory to every permanent and pensionable employee of KenGen PLC.

Defined Contributions

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Defined Benefits

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