Dear pensioners,

We wish to inform you that effective January 2023, First Assurance will be issuing virtual medical cards. They are currently facing out physical medical access through the smart cards in your possession. The exercise is aimed at offering best services and embracing global technological trends to improve customer service.

They shall therefore require contacts for all members. These include emails and phone numbers for upload on the smart portal. Once the upload is complete, you will download “smart access app” from play store or iOS app store and register to access virtual medical card.

Similar functionality is available on short code *891# USSD option for feature phone users.

During the transition process, they shall continue to operate on hybrid model i.e., accepting both physical cards and virtual cards to ensure seamless access of healthcare services.

Pensioners with biometric smart cards will continue to access services until the eventual migration is communicated. Pensioners with lost or damaged cards will be enrolled to the virtual card with immediate effect. Therefore, you shall not pay replacement fees for lost or damaged cards.

Please see the attached brochure for the registration process.

First Assurance customer experience team is available round the clock on 0709122000 to provide support to the pensioners.

For further clarifications, please don’t hesitate to contact our team, during working hours for guidance through 0711035355 or 0711036298 or 0711036917.

Notice on First Assurance Medical Cover Virtual Cards

First Assurance letter on reason for moving to virtual cards

Brochure on step by step guide to moving to virtual cards