The NHIF Enhanced Medical Cover started on 27th July, 2021. It will be due for renewal from the midnight of 27th July 2022. Of late, pensioners have experienced challenges in accessing services from NHIF accredited Hospitals. Some of the challenges are below: -

1) Scheme Account Update – Normal Medical Cover

For you to access service under the enhanced cover, your normal contribution of Kshs.500.00 per month must be up to date. We wish to confirm that we have remitted all contributions to NHIF on or before 9th of every month without fail. The challenge of account update was experienced in October 2021 and this was immediately resolved. We mapped the way forward on this matter by ensuring our account is updated immediately upon payment.

2) System Failure

Some pensioners were not able access service in October and November 2021 due to failure of the NHIF systems. We have requested for prior notification on such issues or communication to the pensioners.

3) Feedback Timelines

At times there is breakdown of communication from the NHIF team. We have resulted to walk visits, a gesture that has yielded results.

4) Cover Termination

As earlier communicated, the cover is a one-year contract. Therefore, since the Scheme already paid the required premium on behalf of the pensioners with recoveries being done on month-by-month basis until July, 2022, it is not possible to terminate the cover midway. However, should you wish to consider another provider after the expiry date (July 2022), this will be possible. Our team will be there to guide you accordingly.

5) Cover Past Experience

The initial cover was good and served our pensioners well. We have good testimonies on this. We will collaborate with NHIF to reclaim the past glory during this cover period as well.

6) Process Streamlining

The Secretariat Office is the link between the Pensioners and NHIF. We always pick every issue with them to ensure best services. We endeavour to go extra miles until the process is fully seamless.

7) Contact

We share, here below the contact of the various Medical Providers which will shorten the timelines for resolving these matters;

1. NHIF Enhanced & Normal covers
    Email dkinyua@nhif.or.ke gmunywoki@nhif.or.ke
    Telephone 0726 320 930, 0722 211 683

2. First Assurance
    Email : medical@firstassurance.co.ke
    Office Lines: 020-29-00000
    Emergency Line: 0709 122 000

3. UAP Old Mutual
    Email : casemanagement@uap-group.com
    Emergency lines 0711065777, 0711010777, 20 2850 777
    Call Centre: 0711065100, 0711010100, 20 2850 100
    Switchboard: 0711065000, 0711010000, 20 2850 000

4. RBS Office contacts
    E-mail pensions@kengensrbs.co.ke
    Office 0711 036992, 0711 036298, 0711 036917

Please feel free to contact us and share your experience to make the process better. Kindly share this information with other pensioners.

Pensioners Medical Cover Official Notice